Faucet Script

I’ve began work on a bitcoin faucet script!

New Domain!

I have now moved from dog2puppy-github.tk to dog2puppy.tk! Update your bookmarks, and I’m gonna move agian soon to a .me domain.

Website-me.ga update!

Website-me.ga, my free webhosting service, has recieved a update today! With a new website design and a new cPanel, we also bring you more subdomains. Go get your account today with no ads* and unlimited hosting.


I now have my own free, unlimited webhost! Unlimited traffic, disk space, domains, and databases with no ads! Check it out at http://website-me.ga

Disqus vs. IntenseDebate

Disqus: -Updated -Easier to use

The Observer Redstone Clock


CustomCraft Survival


My new free webhost!

I now have my own free webhost! Check it out at bookshelfhost.cf

150 Hits Daily

Today I was looking through my stats for this website. We're getting 150 hits daily! I just want to say thank you, and im gonna try to post a lot more.

Giant Redstons Pistion Door


Signed Commits

Hey everyone! Today I started signing my commits! Almost all commits I make, will now be signed (If I have acsess to my computer that is…).

Basic Redstone | Lesson1 | MCPE

Today, many people in Minecraft use redstone to make awesome creations in MC and MCPE. Today, we will be doing it in MCPE.

I'm becoming a YouTuber!

Hello! Today, I’m starting a YT channel. On it, I will play MCPE, MC, and a little ROBLOX.

Hello World!

Hello World! Welcome to my new website/blog!